Continuing the Conversation
6/2/2023 - 6/20/2023
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These online sessions will provide space to reflect on sessions presented at BC TEAL's 2023 Annual Conference Connecting through Land and Language: Reconciliation, Reflection, Innovation, Transformation.

These sessions ARE NOT presentations. They are conversations about the topic and assume some prior knowledge. If you did ot attend the conference, you are wlecome to join the sessions and participate as you are able.

Preregistration is requested.
6/3/2023 9:00 AM
Continuing the Conversation with Jessica Leslie
Recognizing and Accommodating Dyslexia in an EAL Context
6:00 PM
Continuing the Conversation with Ashley Johnston
Personalized Land Acknowledgments: Exploring Opportunities EAL Instructors and Students can Connect to Place & Community.

Continuing the Conversation with Cindi Jones
The Impact of Native Speakerism on Immigrant Education Professionals in Canada.
10:00 AM

Continuing the Conversation with Belkis Toredi
Coaching Conversations in the Context of EAP Listening and Speaking: A Holistic Perspective.
4:00 PM
Continuing the Conversation with Pat Marilley-Bodner
REACHing out-a curriculum for mothers with young children
4:00 PM
Continuing the Conversation with Anastasia Sapelnikova
Courage to Care: Trauma-Informed Practice in Education
Setting: Live Virtual

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